Protecting the “little girl” after giving birth

1 Oct 2021 by Trân Trương

During pregnancy and especially after giving birth, the intimate areas of mothers are often sensitive, with obvious changes. Conspicuous signs after giving birth such as widening of the intimate area, secretions from the vagina, at first it will be red, later it will turn yellow, and gradually fade, leaving only translucent mucus.

Especially if the intimate area has a strong odor or an unpleasant odor, accompanied by swelling, pain, pus, burning or itching, white discharge, there is a risk of infection, or have contracted gynecological infections. The cause when the intimate area is wet due to secretions, and the loss of control in the secretion of sebum, will create favorable conditions, as well as an ideal living environment for harmful bacteria and fungi to invade, and cause infection. hence inflammation. In addition, the private area also changes in color, darkening, ugly, “little girl” is no longer as rosy as before, making mothers shy in front of fathers.

This is also the reason why postpartum mothers need to clean, care for and restore their O-zone properly according to the instructions of doctors to prevent inflammatory diseases. Some tips are summarized as:

1) Clean, wash the intimate area gently with warm water, clean from front to back, first wash the vulva and two labia, then the anus. Do not wash from the anus then to the vulva to avoid bringing dirt from the anus to the vulva, dry it with a soft towel. Do it at least 3 times a day. Especially after going to the toilet, use the shower to rinse gently but not for too long, dry with a clean cotton towel to avoid dampness and infection.

2) Only warm, clean water should be used for cleaning (can be mixed with a little salt), and use a suitable cleaning solution for postpartum women and avoid abuse, requiring the guidance of a doctor. Do not use concentrated salt water or strong detergents, and only wash the outside, absolutely do not douche the vagina.

3) Not only cleaning the private area, but also should keep the private area airy, wear soft, cool clothes, not only to help mothers feel comfortable, but also to limit unnecessary contact between them. clothing and “wounds” from an episiotomy. Clothing must be loose, as well as be careful not to wear underwear that is too tight. Especially the underwear must be very airy, smooth, and clean, with comfortable cotton material, should not wear any kind of fiber because it is easy to cause secret, does not absorb sweat, it will cause moisture, is an opportunity for bacteria to attack causing itching, inflammation.

4) Change tampons regularly (every 3-4 hours) so that the intimate area is always dry, so the bandages are easy to absorb, do not use the type with strong scent, many flavors to avoid encountering chemicals. toxic.

5) Should abstain from sex as much as possible during this time, because having sex too soon also creates conditions for thousands of bacteria to enter the uterus, causing postpartum diseases, gynecological infections but also and other sexually transmitted diseases.

6) Choose an appropriate cleaning solution to help restore and protect the intimate area for women after giving birth, meet the criteria such as: gentle cleaning, not causing dryness, discomfort, ensuring the ability to prevent prevent inflammation, eliminate fungi and pathogenic bacteria; Prioritize choosing products with completely natural ingredients, with a gentle scent, without harmful chemicals such as Parabens, SLS – SLES, with a suitable pH, and help restore and nourish the skin of the intimate area. .

CHOICARE feminine hygiene solution, a great choice, and perfect for postpartum mothers.

CHOICARE with ingredients extracted completely from nature such as tea tree oil, turmeric oil, menthol, green tea essential oil, especially no SLS, no Parabens to help mothers’ private areas are always protected safely. Safe against gynecological inflammatory diseases, contains lactic acid to help balance the natural physiological pH from 3.5-4.5, long-term use does not affect vaginal pH, along with vitamin E, vitamin B5 and olive oil Supports smooth moisturizing, anti-aging, reduces darkening, wrinkles for “little girl”, helps mothers regain their inherent charm and confidence.

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