Date Submitted: 25 Oct 21

How should a feminine hygiene solution be chosen?

Feminine hygiene solution not only cleans but also helps you to protect your “little girl” safely against fungal, bacterial, and odor-causing agents. What is feminine hygiene solution? Feminine hygiene solution has long been a “companion”, an effective assistant for women in caring for and taking care of their “little girl” with main uses including cleaning […]

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Date Submitted: 12 Oct 21

Protect the V-zone properly for pregnant women

Actively cleaning the private area regularly is always important for us women in any situation, and especially necessary in the state of pregnancy. During pregnancy, “little girl” is often more sensitive than ever due to hormonal changes, resulting in changes in the activity and function of the reproductive organs, increasing secretions or vaginal discharge. A […]

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Date Submitted: 1 Oct 21

Protecting the “little girl” after giving birth

During pregnancy and especially after giving birth, the intimate areas of mothers are often sensitive, with obvious changes. Conspicuous signs after giving birth such as widening of the intimate area, secretions from the vagina, at first it will be red, later it will turn yellow, and gradually fade, leaving only translucent mucus. Especially if the […]

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Date Submitted: 15 Sep 21

Gynecological infections, if not treated promptly, will cause harm?

As women, we always have to face a lot of pressure: work, family and society, sad and happy things in life, we can solve cards, confide in others. However, not most of the sorrows can be said, especially the secret worries of women when faced with unwanted vaginal infections, also known as infections. gynecological. It […]

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Date Submitted: 9 Sep 21

Common gynecological diseases that need attention

Có khoảng 70% phụ nữ mắc bệnh phụ khoa và thường bị tái phát nhiều lần. Đặc biệt là những người đã từng có quan hệ tình dục không an toàn hay đã trải qua quá trình sinh nở.

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Date Submitted: 10 Jun 21

Gynecological diseases that are easy to catch in the summer and how to prevent them

According to statistics of the Ministry of Health, the rate of gynecological diseases in Vietnamese women of childbearing age is up to 90% (much higher than the world average of 75% according to statistics of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention). and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And in […]

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