Date Submitted: 1 Oct 21

Supplementing nutrition for children when the weather is erratic

The weather is erratic, with changes in temperature, air humidity, unusually sunny and rainy times, thereby creating conditions for many viruses and bacteria that cause diseases for children to multiply, develop, and at the same time create favorable conditions for children. Children’s bodies do not adapt to the weather in time, as well as their […]

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Date Submitted: 12 Sep 21

5 common mistakes parents make when raising children

Do not breastfeed your baby Breast milk is the best natural food for babies. Breast milk has a full nutritional composition with a balanced ratio suitable for the digestive and absorption system of the baby. Breast milk also contains antibodies that help babies strengthen their resistance against infections. Breastfeeding will reduce the risk of undernutrition […]

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Date Submitted: 1 Jul 21

Stay at home during the COVID-19 season, beware of overweight and obese children!

This summer is probably an unforgettable memory for us adults – when we have to face many problems of food and money due to the epidemic situation, the State’s social distancing regulations – and also for us. children when they are not allowed to go out, cannot go to amusement parks and must stay at […]

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