Date Submitted: 13 Oct 21

How to effectively treat dry cough during COVID-19 season?

With a medically advanced background, you have many options for effective and fast dry cough treatment. Unusual irritation in the throat can cause you to have an uncontrollable dry cough. Sometimes, the cough persists, causing extreme discomfort. However, because this is a common health symptom, people are often subjective, letting the cough go away on […]

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Date Submitted: 16 Sep 21

Alarming the number of COVID-19 infections sharply increased in children!

In our country, the trend of children contracting COVID-19 is increasing rapidly. According to the Ministry of Health, at the beginning of August, up to 5% of total cases in Hanoi were children aged 0-5. Fortunately, there have been no deaths. From mid-August until now, every day, Ho Chi Minh City has to treat 1,900-2,900 […]

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Date Submitted: 15 Sep 21

Consequences of psychological trauma caused by covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been causing mental and psychological damage to many people. In the field of mental health, experts say that this pandemic is causing a great shock and severe stress for people. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused great losses to all of humanity over the past two years, claiming the lives of more […]

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Date Submitted: 10 Sep 21

Risk of COVID-19 infection from clothes and shoes

Your risk of catching COVID-19 through clothing or footwear is usually very low. However, you still should not be subjective and need to clean it. COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus first appeared in December 2019 in Wuhan city, China. In a short period of time, the virus spread at a tremendous rate and after […]

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Date Submitted: 9 Sep 21

Nutrition tips to help prevent Covid-19

The epidemic situation in the past few days has been more positive when the number of announced cases has gradually decreased, however, we should not be subjective because we are still fighting day by day. When there is no vaccine and specific drug for Covid 19, a complete and reasonable diet to help strengthen the […]

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Date Submitted: 20 Aug 21

Encourage children to exercise at home during the time of isolation

Exercising limbs, or doing sports exercises at home during COVID season is not only important for us adults but also necessary for children. In particular, when the children stay at home often, they are not allowed to participate in outdoor entertainment activities, and so eat, sleep, and glue their eyes to technology devices, leading to […]

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Date Submitted: 15 Jul 21

How to properly talk to children about COVID-19

The situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in the 4th wave of epidemics across our country is very tense and complicated, with a higher number of infections and deaths than before, and many cases where the source of infection cannot be traced, as well as the speed of infection. The spread is increasing, there have been […]

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Date Submitted: 1 Jul 21

Stay at home during the COVID-19 season, beware of overweight and obese children!

This summer is probably an unforgettable memory for us adults – when we have to face many problems of food and money due to the epidemic situation, the State’s social distancing regulations – and also for us. children when they are not allowed to go out, cannot go to amusement parks and must stay at […]

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