Gynecological infections, if not treated promptly, will cause harm?

15 Sep 2021 by Trân Trương

As women, we always have to face a lot of pressure: work, family and society, sad and happy things in life, we can solve cards, confide in others. However, not most of the sorrows can be said, especially the secret worries of women when faced with unwanted vaginal infections, also known as infections. gynecological. It is a common disease in women, married or in pregnancy.

Gynecological infections, if examined and treated promptly, will not be too difficult in the treatment process, as well as not seriously affect health and leave no complications. However, if women subjectively consider it a common disease or are afraid of timely examination and treatment, it will cause many serious consequences that affect daily activities, life health and health. reproductive. If you know the consequences and this disease brings, surely you will no longer take it lightly:

Gynecological infections affect daily life

Gynecological infections have symptoms such as: wet vaginal area, with an unusual odor, itching, vaginal discharge that appears much and has a color, .. this makes women feel anxious, uncomfortable and lack of confidence in communication.

Gynecological infections affect marital happiness, each time you and your husband and wife live together, you will be timid, lose confidence, and infection will cause pain during sex, even bleeding. The smell reduces desire and hinders the feeling of sublimation, not achieving pleasure in all love relationships. Over time, it will damage the relationship between husband and wife and affect family happiness. In addition, gynecological infections cause vaginal secretions a lot, skin becomes pale, menstrual periods are irregular, .. leading to body fatigue, anxiety, affecting life and work.

Gynecological infections affect reproductive health

When women have vaginitis, the vaginal environment loses its pH balance, affecting the viability and motility of sperm swimming into the vagina to meet the egg, making the conception process difficult. hamper. At the same time, gynecological infections affecting the inflamed fallopian tubes can lead to blockage and narrowing, preventing the egg from going deep into the uterus for implantation. Therefore, the egg can implant outside the uterus and cause an extremely dangerous ectopic pregnancy.

Gynecological infections affect the fetus in the womb

In the early stages of pregnancy, if the mother suffers from gynecological inflammatory diseases, the disease not only affects the mother’s health but also seriously affects the development and birth of the fetus:

– Pregnant women infected with Candida can cause premature rupture of membranes, premature birth. Babies can be born with oral, oropharyngeal, and skin infections from contact with the mother’s infected vaginal secretions.

– Gynecological infections caused by flagellates can cause premature birth, low birth weight and premature rupture of membranes, the risk of premature delivery from 34-37 weeks is twice as high as in the group without the disease.

– Syphilis spirochetes cause late miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth.

For gynecological infections, depending on the severity of the disease, it is necessary to find out the cause of the disease in order to have an appropriate treatment method. It is best to see a doctor early to check and treat promptly.

There is a saying in the world that “prevention is better than cure” so that the disease does not have the opportunity to appear, women should equip themselves with knowledge to prevent the risk of gynecological inflammatory diseases. Therefore, the hygiene of the intimate area should be a top priority for women. When the intimate area is healthy, bacteria will not have the opportunity to attack causing gynecological problems and the choice of feminine hygiene solution must be very careful, choose a product that is safe. fully and in accordance with the following criteria:

– Do not contain harmful chemicals such as Parabens, SLS-SLES, … These are strong detergent ingredients with foaming effect that can cause skin erosion, dryness, irritation, increasing the risk of inflammation.

– Contains gentle cleansing ingredients, safe natural ingredients

– Should not contain heavy metals because they threaten to destroy beneficial bacteria (good bacteria).

– Have a pH between 3.8 and 4.5 because this is the normal pH of the vagina.

** To meet the above criteria, not all feminine hygiene solutions can do this. But with CHOICARE it is completely possible, not only that, but the product remains the perfect choice for women and mothers during pregnancy and lactation.

  • CHOICARE feminine hygiene solution is a combination of ingredients extracted from nature such as: tea tree oil, turmeric oil, menthol, green tea essential oil, aloe vera, especially no SLS , Paraben-free to help the private area is always protected safely against gynecological infections, the product is safe for all subjects including pregnant and lactating women.

With ingredients from Tea Tree essential oil and Sodium Cocoamphoacetate found in CHOICARE, it helps to gently wash away the dirt that causes unpleasant odors, giving her a clean, fresh feeling.

  • Not only that, CHOICARE feminine hygiene solution also contains lactic acid to help balance the natural physiological pH from 3.5-4.5. When you use it for a long time, it does not affect the vaginal pH, in addition, the product helps to balance and maintain the vaginal microflora, prevent and limit the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause secondary infections. Department. Simultaneously with a combination of excellent antibacterial ingredients from nature to create a barrier that prevents bacteria and yeast from growing along with vitamin E, vitamin B5 and olive oil to support smooth moisturizing, anti-aging chemical, reduce darkening, wrinkles for “private area”.

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