Simple habits in the morning that are good for you

29 Oct 2021 by Khánh Phạm

We women are always struggling to find different ways such as beauty, going to a spa, applying the most “healthy” diets with the ultimate goal of how to preserve beauty over time, how to to stay young, healthy, reverse the signs of old age, and dangerous diseases but don’t know that the solution is right in front of you, within reach, that is through 5 simple habits the next morning when you wake up:

Do not get up or get out of bed right after waking up

This is advice not only for women but also for men. We all have the habit of waking up right after waking up because we are afraid of being late for work, late for school and thinking that this small action is normal and does not affect anything. But actually not. If you pay attention, you will find yourself feeling dizzy, light-headed, feeling weak and tired. That’s because the body has not yet changed state immediately because it has been in a long break, has not yet adapted, blood has not yet circulated to the brain and other organs, which can dangerously cause blood pressure diseases. , ischemic heart disease, or stroke.

So instead of getting up right after waking up, give your body a rest, in other words, “grill” for 5-10 minutes, open your eyes, perform simple stretching or moving movements, Turn around, help blood circulate easily, massage the nape of the neck and neck with your hands to wake up gradually, then sit up gently. Waking up properly is the solution to protect and improve your health.

Gentle facial massage in the morning

Facial massage every morning will help your skin be healthier, smoother, wake up skin cells, make your skin rosy, brighter. A part helps the facial skin reduce the sebum secreted during sleep, besides helping blood circulation better, helping the mind to stay awake, in a refreshed mood, and better mentally. The work is simple but extremely effective. The body needs exercise, so does the facial skin, it needs exercises to always stay healthy and young.

Don’t think too complicated, just use 2 hands to rub together to make it hot, then gently massage in places on the face for about 5 minutes (usually after washing your face), and maintain this habit continuously, usually. Regularly not only in the morning but also at night when you sleep, you will see results.

Wash face with cold water

Wash your face with cold water, surely all women know and often do. But you may have underestimated this job! We often think that washing our face with cold water only makes us awake, but it is not, it has many benefits for the skin: helps the skin not to dry, tightens pores, reduces the amount of sebum, hidden dirt. deep under the pores, stimulate skin elasticity, make skin smoother, brighter, enhance blood circulation, reduce stress, contribute to preventing aging, reduce swelling, reduce dark circles in the eyes, puffiness … Washing your face with cold water is considered a “free” beauty method that few people know about.

Drink a glass of warm water

Drinking water in the morning is always essential when the body in a state of sleep for many hours is not fully hydrated, and breakfast alone will not be enough to make up for the lack of water. Therefore, before breakfast, you should drink a glass of warm water or filtered water about 500ml – 800ml. Its benefits in addition to rehydration also clean the intestines, improve digestion, purify, detoxify the body, eliminate toxins, prevent aging, hydrate the skin, brighten the skin.

Drinking warm water regularly also helps your body to break down accumulated fat, relax muscles and increase blood flow. Increased blood circulation rejuvenates skin cells and keeps them nourished, delivers oxygen to your active skin cells and removes impurities, revitalizing the skin.

Take some time to do yoga in the morning

Exercising or practicing yoga for women not only helps improve health but also helps to keep the body beautiful, slim, always fresh, creating attractiveness and attractiveness. Just spend a little time with simple exercises every morning, will help the body blood circulation, stimulate, promote metabolism, burn fat, burn excess energy, control effective weight. Moreover, some special yoga exercises also help to improve the skin, eliminate toxins, remove wrinkles, anti-aging, and rejuvenate the skin.

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