Gynecological diseases that are easy to catch in the summer and how to prevent them

10 Jun 2021 by Trân Trương

According to statistics of the Ministry of Health, the rate of gynecological diseases in Vietnamese women of childbearing age is up to 90% (much higher than the world average of 75% according to statistics of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention). and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And in this 90%, the group of women with knowledge and income accounts for more than 70%, the same number when talking about the incidence of vaginal infections. Notably, the number of gynecological diseases each year increases from 15%-27%, and the risk of recurrence of the disease after treatment is up to 65%.

One of the reasons can be mentioned is the weather factor, especially now, the weather starts in the summer with hot climate, intense sunshine appears a lot. The body will produce a lot of sweat to cool down or balance the temperature. V-zone, private area, sensitive place of women will be in a wet condition at times. Bacteria, especially harmful bacteria, take advantage of this “opportunity” to attack and reside. At the same time, the fact that women do not clean the intimate area properly, create conditions for them to multiply and develop quickly, causing unwanted gynecological infections:

Vaginitis: symptoms of unpleasant odor in the private area, pain during sex, abnormal discharge, itching in the vagina, pain and burning when urinating or painful urination, burning , and there are cases of vaginal bleeding. The cause is due to an imbalance in the microbiome, when harmful bacteria thrive, they prevail over protective bacteria such as lactobacilli; and due to fungal infections, dangerous parasitic infections such as Trichomonas. If left untreated, it will lead to many other gynecological diseases such as urethritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, inflammation of the uterus (endometrium, cervix, …) during pregnancy.

Vulvaritis:   includes acute and chronic. Acute symptoms are redness around the urethral opening, painful to the touch, and a lot of discharge. The causative agent is E.Coli bacteria, staphylococcus, and other gonococcal bacteria. If the vulva area has symptoms of itching, small pimples appear, leading to frequent scratching. As a result, the acne is scratched and broken, making it easy for bacteria to enter and cause disease. This is a symptom of chronic vulvovaginitis. Although vulvovaginitis only affects the quality of life and daily activities of women, it is not subjective. In the long term it can impact reproductive health.

Cervical ectropion:  appears when glandular cells in the uterus grow to invade the outer surface of the cervix or the outer layer of the gland spills out and becomes infected. Symptoms: discharge, vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, odor, vaginal burning pain, pelvic pain, difficulty urinating, painful urination, etc. severity, mild depending on different levels. The disease can cause infertility, more dangerous than cervical cancer.

Bartholin’s gland: Bartholin’s gland is a small, spherical gland, about 1cm in diameter, located under the skin on both sides of the vagina, the function is to secrete mucus to keep the vagina moist and lubricated during sex. The disease occurs when the bacteria gonorrhea, Chlamydia,… are sexually transmitted, and E.Coli bacteria cause blockage, forming Bartholin gland cysts. Depending on the size of the cyst to assess the danger, if the cyst is large, painful, it may be infected and needs to be treated immediately.

Proactively preventing gynecological diseases is the solution that should be the top priority for women:

  • Proper hygiene of the intimate area
  • Clean the intimate area before and after sex, after swimming.
  • Clothing and underwear made of breathable, sweat-wicking, suitable materials, need to be washed daily, avoid wearing tight clothes
  • Periodic or regular gynecological examination at reputable medical facilities.
  • Use sanitary napkins properly
  • Use a feminine hygiene solution with a suitable pH, avoid using soaps, strong detergents, high pH, high alkalinity, causing an imbalance of
  • vaginal moisture, killing harmful bacteria. beneficial, creating conditions for harmful bacteria to grow.

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