How to make children love to read or develop the habit of reading?

29 Oct 2021 by Trân Trương

To make children smarter, or promote children to learn, one of the first things parents do is to encourage children to read.

Today, when the epidemic lasts, children have more access to technological devices such as smartphones and tablets, but most of the time it is just for entertainment, sometimes addicted, especially addicted to games. In which, it not only affects learning but also negatively affects health such as inactivity leading to obesity, watching devices for too long leads to eye and neurological diseases, …

Changing that bad habit with the habit of reading is a useful solution we need to do to help our children stay away from technology devices, as well as equip them with a lot of good knowledge and knowledge to help them brain development.

Here are some good tips for you to remember and implement:

Tell children the benefits of reading: children need to know how important reading is, from improving intelligence, providing understanding to being a tool for entertainment and relaxation. useful simplicity.

Let your children see themselves reading: when children see themselves reading, they will often be curious, and imitate them, not only helping them form a habit but also knowing how to read books properly like the distance from the book to the book. eyes, sitting posture…

Reading with children: reading sometimes makes children boring and lonely, but if someone reads with them, it will be much more interesting, especially many children like to tell adults new things that they know. We need to actively listen and explain more when children do not understand correctly or simply discuss with them about topics and useful information in the book.

Try to connect the content in the book with life: this is sometimes difficult for us, but extremely practical. Children will see the importance of reading when they see how it helps in everyday life.

Do not force children: do not force children to read books on this or that topic, do not force children to read for a long time, let them actively choose books they like, read for as long as they like. But parents also need to direct their children to age-appropriate books or give them ideas if they ask and advise them to take a break when necessary.

Encourage children to read a variety of books: not only books but newspapers, magazines, comics, novels, and short stories are also very good for them.

Offer a “reward policy”: this is also an additional motivation to help children actively read books in their free time, for example, mothers reward their children with toys and sweets every time they achieve a “KPI” every time. week (how many pages read, how many books) or simply whenever the children can explain or apply what they know from books.

Take children to bookstores and bookstores regularly: this is also a good way to help them get closer to a variety of books, especially in book paradise, they will be delighted to see many covers. Colorful books, eye-catching pictures, have a sense of curiosity, like to collect and read and from there will ask to buy them! However, we need to check before buying to see if the books are suitable for our children.

The tips above are not easy to say but difficult to assert is not true and not impossible to do. It all depends on the determination and will to help your child become an intelligent, understanding person of parents like us. So let’s join Chan Tam to help books become children’s friends!

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