Warning 5 mistakes that put stroke people in danger

10 Sep 2021 by admin

A stroke is also known as a cerebrovascular accident. This is a condition in which the brain is severely damaged because the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or significantly reduced, causing the brain to lack oxygen and not enough nutrients to nourish the cells. Within minutes without an adequate blood supply, brain cells will begin to die.

For people who have had a stroke, every second counts. Therefore, taking action at the time someone is having a stroke is also important. If correct, it will help patients maintain their lives and reduce complications.

However, few people know that the following 5 mistakes can put a person having a stroke in danger.

Ignore the warning symptoms in advance: a stroke often appears with symptoms such as: distorted mouth, dark eyes, numbness in hands and feet, difficulty speaking, etc. However, sometimes these symptoms are common. The patient missed it, so it was not treated early. As a result, even if life is saved, the patient still has to face very severe sequelae.

Going to bed after a transient stroke: Stroke survivors report that they often feel very sleepy when a transient stroke occurs. Many people go to the hospital after sleeping for a few hours because they are so tired. This is very dangerous, because the longer it takes to treat, the less likely it is to recover from a stroke, and a major stroke can appear at any time.

Self-medication: There are two types of stroke: hemorrhagic stroke, when a blood vessel bursts, and ischemic stroke, caused by a blood clot in the blood vessel. Although up to 80% of strokes are ischemic, it is not certain that the patient is among the remaining 20%. Therefore, treatment should not be used before going to the emergency room and determining which stroke group the patient is in.

Taking drugs to lower blood pressure too quickly: In many cases, people see that the patient’s blood pressure is high, so they give antihypertensive drugs. This causes the patient’s blood pressure to drop, making the blood flow to the brain weaker, making the brain infarction larger, the patient’s condition worsens, and the sequelae are more severe.

Improper first aid: many people feel embarrassed when witnessing stroke cases without knowing what to do, there have been cases of people having a stroke in the middle of the road that people picked up a motorbike to take to the emergency , which inadvertently puts the patient at risk.

Therefore, the golden time to help people with stroke escape is extremely important, so we have to be very calm to handle it, call an ambulance immediately so that the patient can lie still and lean, loosen clothes, At the same time, it is necessary to ensure a clear airway, minimizing the risk of aspiration for the patient.

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