About Us

Chan Tam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 with more than 12 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. With professionally trained staff, high-quality products, and a wide distribution network, we are always ready to meet the different needs of customers across the country.
Not only bringing the best products and services to our customers, but Chan Tam Pharmaceutical is also a reputable and reliable business partner of other companies in the industry in both domestic and international markets based on transparency, together towards developing sustainable relationships, ensuring the achievement of strategic goals, and maximizing mutual benefits.
- Head office: U1A Bach Ma, Ward 15, District 10, HCMC
- Phone: (028) 3868 2325 - 094 666 3572 - 0938 55 66 05 - 028 3868 2324
- Email: info@chantampharma.com.vn
- Fanpage: fb.com/chantampharma.com.vn

Vision, mission

Chan Tam Pharma wishes to become one of the leading companies in the field of pharmaceutical distribution not only in the domestic market but also in the international market through the provision of prestigious products and services with the best quality, and the most perfect to every customer.
With the philosophy of "Sincerity - Dedication" we ensure to meet and satisfy all customers' needs in the most thoughtful, and dedicated way. We not only try to add more value to our business partners and members of the company but are also ready to be “A Companion” of every Vietnamese family as well as make a great contribution to public health.

Business segments



Distributing domestic and imported products

Core values

Commitment to our products

Our products and services are guaranteed in terms of quality and differentiation which best meet customers’ expectations.

Dedication to Customer Service

We aim to provide our great products and outstanding customer experience as well as to take better care of our customers in the sincerest way.

Responsibility to the society and community

Our primary purpose does not only to involve in business operations but also to stick to our commitment to social responsibility, contributing to the community.

Strong business foundation for development

We invest in operating a transparent, efficient business and promoting professional development for our employees to consistently increase product and service quality to acquire the greatest competitive advantages.

Development path

Development history

In 2008, Chan Tam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., another name Chan Tam Pharma, was born with the heart of becoming one of the leading domestic companies in the distribution of pharmaceutical products. The company operates and operates on the basis of the business philosophy “Sincerity – Dedication” – which is a guideline, a solid foundation to […]

Activities, events

Some pictures of programs, events, charity activities that Chan Tam has carried out on the way of operation and development. The images are not only unforgettable memories but also proofs of the company’s changes and transformations. Distributing 300 charity gifts on April 5, 2020 Customer meeting in 2020 Customer meeting in 2019 Launching new products […]


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